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News & Announcements

Here are some of our recent highlights. Past news items can be viewed here.

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Butch Brodie elected President (2021) of The American Society of Naturalists

Phoebe Livy.jpg

Phoebe Cook and Livy Baker awarded a Double Hoo grant to pursue summer research on social network evolution at MLBS


Karen Barnard-Kubow was awarded a NIH NRSA fellowship for her project "Making the best of both worlds: the functional effects and rapid evolutionary dynamics of cyclic parthenogenesis in the wild"

Figure 1.png

Galloway lab shows pollinator visits can depend on pollen color. Read the paper here


Mike Hague wins best student presentation and Robin Costello wins best lightning talk at SEEPEG 2018

Sceloporus magister pair.JPG

Cox lab receives NSF grant to study evolution of sex-biased gene expression in spiny lizards

G Matrix_edited.png

Brodie lab publishes giant Anolis G-matrix analysis in Evolution Letters. Read the paper here.


Alyssa Bangerter, a PhD student in the Bergland Lab awarded research grant 

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Brandi Quarles, former UVA undergrad (now PhD at Duke), published paper in Journal of Ecology on aging in plants with Debbie Roach (read it here)


Amanda Gibson wins Honorable Mention American Naturalist Student Paper Award for "her tour-de-force paper on the maintenance of sexual and asexual reproduction by parasitism" get paper here


Matt Koski has accepted a tenure track position in Organismal Biology at Clemson University starting in Fall 2019

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Former UVA undergraduate David Tyson, now in medical school at the University of Florida, published on anther smut in Plant Pathology. Read it here   

Sceloporus jarrovii.jpg

Cox lab Hiring postdoc to study the evolution of sex-biased gene expression


Mandy  Gibson  was  awarded  the  2018  Theodosius  Dobzhansky  Prize

Leibman watching pollinators.JPG

Matt Koski, Laura Galloway, and Lia Leibman (MLBS REU) (Galloway Lab) publish new paper in Functional Ecology. Populations with greater flexibility in floral traits modify mating system in response to the pollinator environment. Read the paper here.

Aaron Reedy.jpg

Aaron Reedy (PhD 2018, Cox Lab) publishes a new paper on geography of sexually antagonistic selection. Read the paper here.

Robin sixguns small.jpeg

Robin Costello is awarded UVA's prestigious All-University Graduate Teaching Award!


Dörthe Becker was awarded a Marie Curie Horizons Fellowship for her project "Abandoning ship – sex and dormancy strategies in Daphnia"

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Emme Bruns has accepted a tenure track position in Ecology at University of Maryland starting in Fall 2019

Sutherland phylo.jpg

Brittany Sutherland (PhD 2018, Galloway Lab) publishes phylogeography of Campanula rotundifolia. Read the paper here.


Gibson Lab hiring Research Tech to study evolution and ecology of infectious disease


Parichy lab has a new paper published at PLoS Genetics. Read the paper here.

costs of adaptation.png

Mike Hague and Gaby Toledo (Brodie Lab) publish tradeoffs of TTX resistance in Evolution Letters. Read the paper here.


Andy Aman and undergraduate Alexis Fulbright (Parichy Lab) publish new paper in eLife. Read the paper here.

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