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UVA EEB Welcomes Four New PhD Students in 2022

We are thrilled to welcome four new graduate students to the EEB community! Meet the new recruits here (excerpted from the Graduate Student And Postdoc Association Website)

Ashlyn Crain

I’m from Maryville, TN and studied biology and environmental education at Elon University.

Biology fascinates me because you can never take the natural world at face value. Each organism has a complex web of connections within itself and to others. Studying natural and sexual selection allows me to untangle the smallest portion of that web, all the while discovering that with each question analyzed, there is more “web” to untangle than initially thought. Population biology is messy! I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and kayaking. I am also a big foodie–I like cooking and trying new restaurants.

Juliana Jiranek

I’m from Richmond, VA. I did my undergrad at Princeton and spent the past 2 years working as a tech at UVA! I am interested in infectious disease ecology and evolution, and especially how changing environmental pressures may alter how diseases spread and evolve.

Outside of academia, I enjoy hiking, ultimate frisbee, foraging, running, cooking, and reading!

Charlotte Greene

I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, and I completed my B.S. in biology at The University of Georgia. After graduating I worked at UGA as a research technician in a plant genetics lab.

I’m interested in how intraspecific and interspecific interactions influence evolutionary processes of animal species! I love reading and playing video games (especially ones from the 90s). Like almost every other EE student, I enjoy outdoor activities. My personal favorites are hiking, kayaking, and snowboarding.

Nithin Revi

I’m from Kerala, India and attended Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University.

I have a keen interest in disease ecology, particularly the gut microbiome and the spread of antimicrobial resistance in wildlife. I enjoy Wildlife Photography, trekking, cooking food, and gardening.

Article credit: Myles Davoll, GSPA Media Chair

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