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Evolution, Ecology & Behavior

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EEB at the University of Virginia unites laboratory groups that share common research interests in evolutionary biology, ecology, animal behavior, disease ecology, evolutionary developmental biology and organismal biology.  We explore a variety of field and model systems to understand how evolution shapes biodiversity, and how organisms interact with each other and their environments. Research in EEB ranges across levels of biological organization from cellular mechanisms of adaptation, to interactions among individuals within species, to phylogenetic patterns of diversity. Students and faculty are regularly recognized with university, national, and international awards for their teaching and research accomplishments.

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Graduate Program

Graduate training in the Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior group emphasizes research creativity, independence, and collaboration. We are looking for students who bring their own ideas to the conversation, and who are willing to explore and master new techniques to research those ideas.

Faculty & Research

The faculty and laboratory groups of EEB at UVA employ a wide range of research approaches aimed at understanding processes and diversity in natural populations.

Upcoming Events

Students, postdocs, and faculty in the EEB group gather weekly to exchange ideas about current or upcoming research. We regularly host speakers in weekly Department of Biology seminar series, summer seminars at Mountain Lake Biological Station, and host other events throughout the year.

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